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Mar 31, 2011

ABXTester(MacOSX版) Ver0.9が公開されました


The app uses Mac in the app name in a manner that is not consistent with Apple's trademark guidelines. Indicating Mac compatibility in the app name is not necessary for the Mac App Store.



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Now if you could be able to manage multiple inputs, say from an external source, and level matching (critical for some ABX testing), this could be a boon to audio fanatics everywhere.

I speak as someone who used to work with an audio magazine and used the original A/B/X Comparator from David Clark.



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Hello JSF

I have downloaded your software on the Mac App Store. Unfortunatelx, ABXTester does not seem to work on OS X 10.8.(2): The plackback section bar remains all play after having chosen the two audio files.

Any suggestions? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Hello tritonus

Thank you for using the ABXTester.
I'm still using OS X 10.7. To update soon,I'll try to confirm.

I tried using OS 10.8.2, I had no problem...








thanks for providing this tool.
I'd like to know which file types are supported, as on macOS Catalina, I am not able to select any file. I can see mp3 and wav files, but inside the file open dialog, they are all greyed out.
Kind regards, Thomas

Same as Thomas comment: Not working under Catalina.

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